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Celine Dion goes makeup-free in new 'Imperfections' video

The singer is showing her fans a whole new look in her new music video.

Celine Dion is showing fans what she’s really made of.

The Grammy winner, 51, has put out a new video for her song “Imperfections,” in which she goes makeup-free.

The video, filmed in black and white, features the singer wearing a wide range of outfits interspersed with moments of her sitting at a makeup table, where she takes a cloth and removes the cosmetics on her face.

In the final frame of the video, Dion appears completely without makeup.

Dion is completely makeup-free in final frame of her music video.Sony Music

The imagery is in sync with the message of the song.

“I got my own imperfections/I got my own set of scars to hide/I got my own imperfections/I can't hold your heart when I'm fixing mine,” she sings in the chorus.

“Imperfections” appears on Dion’s new album, “Courage,” due out Nov. 15.

Dion's appearance — particularly her weight — has been the subject of some scrutiny over the last year, but she has said that she is healthy.

Throughout the video, Dion is seen wiping her face to remove her makeup.Sony Music

“It’s true that I’m a little thinner. Everything’s fine, nothing’s wrong,” she told ABC News in April.

She credits her weight loss to dancing. “Dancing has been in my DNA all of my life,” she told People. “It’s a dream. And so hard!”

The "Imperfections" video also falls in line with a new attitude Dion has.

The Grammy winner gives us an intimate look at her.Sony Music

The "My Heart Will Go On" singer, who lost husband René Angéli to cancer in 2016, took part in a photo shoot for the September issue of CR Fashion Book and showed off a daring look in Paris in June.

“I mean, five years ago I would never let (a photographer) near up past my kneecap, you know? Who would go under my tutu? Nobody. I mean, nobody. My husband, that was it. But I was just like, 'Alright, here we go!'” she said.

Dion is a style icon in more ways than one. In April, she was named a spokesperson for L'Oréal Paris.

"I feel so good now that I don’t even want to think about my 20s or 30s, when I was still discovering myself," she said in a statement announcing the partnership. "For the last couple of years, I have grown in a very strong and happy way through my passions, my work, friendship, motherhood."