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Sarah Jessica Parker shares her daughters’ ‘touching’ reaction to 2021 Vogue cover

The "Sex and the City" star's twin daughters were in awe of their mom.
The mother of three won some brownie points with her daughters when she showed them her Vogue cover.
The mother of three won some brownie points with her daughters when she showed them her Vogue cover.Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

When you grow up with a famous mom, you're not always phased by things like award shows or TV interviews. But Sarah Jessica Parker's twin daughters were simply floored when their mom appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine last year.

The "Sex and the City" star reflects on some of her most iconic fashion moments in a new video for Vogue, and she took a moment to tell the story of the day she first showed her daughters — Tabitha Hodge and Marion Loretta — her 2021 Vogue cover.

The "And Just Like That..." star explained that she typically doesn't show the 12-year-olds her cover photos because they're not as into magazines as she was at their age. But this time, they had a pretty sweet reaction.

"Both my daughters' hands went to their mouths and they were like, 'Mama! You're on the cover of Vogue?'" she said.

Parker called the moment "very touching" and said she was "tickled by how it was so innocent and unknowing ... not ruined."

Then Tabitha noticed one detail about the cover that Parker had truly loved. "She said, 'Mama, there's no writing on that magazine. Usually it's so busy,'" the 56-year-old recalled. "I thought that was so interesting that she recognized (the thing) that was so extraordinary about this cover."

Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick also have a 19-year-old son named James Wilkie and like many actors, the "Sex and the City" star had to hide her pregnancy while filming.

During her Vogue video, the mother of three looked back on one of her character Carrie Bradshaw's outfits — a green Juicy Couture dress and an Hermès bag that was supposed to cover her baby bump. As it turns out, the bag was actually fake, and Parker recalled how it was a somewhat disappointing prop.

"Look how big that bag is. That bag had one job to do and it did it very poorly. Maybe if it was a real Hermès bag it would've done a better job," she joked.

Sarah Jessica Parker on Location For "Sex and the City" on June 10, 2002
Sarah Jessica Parker's pregnancy style was very low key.Getty Images

When asked what her go-to pregnancy outfit was, Parker said there was one clear winning style.

"I didn't really get to dress that much as myself when I was pregnant because I was working so much at the time when I was pregnant," she said. "But when I was in my own life pregnant, I mostly wore overalls."

Sarah Jessica Parker in wedding dress at Filming of Sex And
Carrie Bradshaw's infamous wedding dress and headpiece from "Sex and the City."Getty Images

The industry veteran is a style icon in her own right, and she's used to both praise and criticism for her onscreen and real-life outfits. Like that infamous wedding dress and headpiece she wore for her wedding to Mr. Big and "Sex and the City."

While reflecting on the major fashion moment, Parker acknowledged that a lot of people didn't really like the wedding look.

"I almost can’t talk about it," she said. "I love this so much (but) it's been made clear to me that not everybody felt the same way about this dress, which maybe makes me feel even more affection for it."

Many fans weren't fans of the bird on Bradshaw's head, but Parker fell head over heels for it.

"I saw it and I thought it was magic," she said.