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Justin Bieber wore an enormous suit to the Grammys, and people have opinions

The singer's latest look is making some people scratch their heads in confusion.
Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber
All eyes were on the Biebers at the Grammy Awards. Angela Weiss / AFP - Getty Images

Justin Bieber made an interesting style statement at the Grammy Awards, and Twitter users have a lot of feelings about it.

The singer showed up to the red carpet on Sunday night sporting an oversized gray suit as well as huge black shoes that look like something out of “The Lego Movie.”

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber turned heads on the red carpet. Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Naturally, the social media community instantly had a field day with the unique look.

The 28-year-old paired the Balenciaga ensemble with a pink beanie and sunglasses, and many Twitter users thought the outfit looked like a bit of an afterthought.

"Not Justin Bieber showing up in a horrid suit and A HOT PINK BEANIE it's like he decided to go last minute help," one user wrote.

The singer was accompanied by his wife Hailey Bieber, who looked stunning in a strapless white gown.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber
Hailey Bieber brought her fashion A-game to the red carpet.Amy Sussman / Getty Images

Some Twitter users suggested that Bieber’s suit stood out even more against his wife’s streamlined ensemble.

"Justin Bieber really wore a suit thrice his size and a beanie and had the AUDACITY to stand next to his gorgeous wife like that? Men..." one person proclaimed.

Another joked that the suit must've been a loaner from a taller guy, like basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal.

"Yo shoutout to Shaq for lending Justin Bieber one of his suits last minute #GRAMMYs," the Twitter user wrote.

Some compared Bieber’s look to that of David Byrne’s, former lead singer of rock band Talking Heads, with photos as proof.

And as one person pointed out, anyone who's ever tried on a suit that's several sizes too big could somewhat relate.

"Justin Bieber looks like me trying on suits at Men's Wearhouse before the tailor happens."

Overall, most people seemed a bit perplexed by the style statement, but one user said that the ensemble proves Bieber can "pull off anything."

Either way, the singer sure got us all talking!