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Jared Leto looks like an angelic vampire at ‘Morbius’ premiere

Leto wore a caped look at the LA premiere of "Morbius."
Image: Fan Special Screening of "Morbius" at Cinemark Playa Vista and XD in Playa Vista
Jared Leto attends a Fan Special Screening of "Morbius" at Cinemark Playa Vista in Los Angeles.Aude Guerrucci / Reuters

Jared Leto attended a “Morbius” special fan screening Wednesday in a head-turning outfit.

The "WeCrashed" actor walked the red carpet in a white lace cape that matched his all-white satin suit. He completed his look with black eye shadow, a lavender shirt and silver boots that made his whole ensemble pop.

At one point, Leto even sported a pair of dark shades on his face. If anything, his eyewear made him look just as mysterious as his "Morbius" character seems.

Jared Leto
Jared Leto attends a Fan Special Screening of "Morbius" in Los Angeles.Aude Guerrucci / Reuters

In "Morbius," Leto plays biochemist Michael Morbius who accidentally infects himself with a form of vampirism when he tries to cure himself of a rare blood disease.

As he tries to grasp with his changes, Michael slowly loses sight of himself and transforms into someone he never knew.

During a March 17 interview with Variety, Leto talked about what it was like to tackle the role, and he said that he enjoyed playing Morbius because his character will eventually be Spider-Man's enemy in the Marvel universe.

“I loved that it was the very first time this character was going to be on-screen,” Leto said. “I’ve always been interested in transformation, and this was a way to explore that territory in a big Marvel film. It was impossible to say no.”

Leto also told Jimmy Fallon during a Tuesday appearance on his show that he enjoyed doing the film because this was the "first time" that he's ever "starred in a big Marvel movie."

He noted that the plot was also really interesting because thanks to his grandmother, Ruby, he's always been a big fan of vampire flicks.

Image: "Morbius" Fan Special Screening
Jared Leto wears an all-white suit to L.A's "Morbius" Fan Special Screening at Cinemark Playa Vista.Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

“I saw the original 'Dracula' because of her,” he recalled. “I was up late at night. There was a giant cockroach that ran across my neck. That's another story. I was sleeping on the floor, which you do when you're a kid. It's normal."

"But anyway, I was up and she let me stay up and watch the original 'Dracula' with her and that’s when I fell in love with vampires," Leto added. "True story."

"Morbius" is set to hit theaters on Friday, April 1.