CeeLo Green, Joy Villa and more bold red carpet looks at the Grammys

It wouldn't be the Grammys if music's biggest stars didn't dress a bit controversially. Here are the 2017 red carpet looks we can't stop talking about.

CeeLo Green

MARK RALSTON / AFP - Getty Images
Gnarly Davidson (aka CeeLo Green) arrives for at Grammys.

CeeLo Green channels his alter ego, Gnarly Davidson, on the red carpet.

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James Corden's tumble, Adele's re-do: Top social media moments at Grammys

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James Corden's tumble, Adele's re-do: Top social media moments at Grammys

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Girl Crush

Anybody have a quarter?

This up-and-coming pop star is making a name for herself on the red carpet in this fun look. Is it inspired by a ball pit or a gumball machine? Either way, the Grammys is the right place to wear it.

Joy Villa

Joy Villa is making her politics known on the red carpet.

Joy Villa doesn't need an interview to make her views known. The singer's red, white and blue gown had "Trump" and his slogan, "Make America Great Again" written on either side.

Rose McGowan

Jordan Strauss / AP
It's like vintage Rose McGowan!

With gold foil in her hair and black pleather wrapped around her shoulders, Rose McGowan channels her younger self in this punk rock look.

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Lady Gaga

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images
Fresh off her Super Bowl performance, Lady Gaga wears a barely-there getup.

While it's not exactly a meat dress, Lady Gaga is looking as scandalous as we've seen her in recent memory.

Jacqueline Van Bierk

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
Jacqueline Van Bierk makes quite the entrance on the red carpet.

Electronic music star Jacqueline Van Bierk wears a showstopping dress covered in CDs. Remember those?