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By Danika Fears
Minnie Mouse makes her way down the catwalk in a grown-up dress by Lanvin at a Disney-inspired fashion show in Disneyland Paris on March 23.Etienne Laurent / Today

Has Minnie ditched her dots?

Disney’s leading lady made her first-ever catwalk appearance in a demure Lanvin dress Saturday night — a more mature look for the renowned rodent, whose former style might be best described as “forever young.” (Let's just say she's been stuck in the '20s a looong time.)

The occasion? A fashion show at Disneyland Paris, of course. For the event, designer Alber Elbaz replaced Minnie’s signature polka dots with an ornate display of sequins and jewels stitched on a blue neoprene dress. She’s lost her girlish bow as well, in favor of a crimson, jewel-encrusted tiara fit for all those high-society events a member of Disney royalty is sure to attend.

As one spectator put it to The Associated Press, “It’s definitely more mature. It looks a bit mother of the bride.”

Some things, however, never change. While Barneys' holiday campaign featured a very skinny Minnie (to the dismay of many fans), she appeared as curvy as ever on the catwalk Saturday evening.

Minnie wasn’t the only Disney star to unveil an haute-couture makeover at the show. Several of the fashion world’s biggest names also sent updated designs for classic characters down the runway, including Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland and Maleficent, the “Mistress of All Evil” from Disney's "Sleeping Beauty."

Take a look at their creations below (before the clock strikes midnight!):

A model wears a Cinderella-inspired dress by German fashion designer Michael Michalski.Etienne Laurent / Today

British fashion designers Sister by Sibling took a little inspiration from Cinderella's three friendly mice, who save the day by creating their friend a gown for the ball – that lasts until the clock strikes midnight. Etienne Laurent / Today

Tempted? Belgian fashion designer Jean-Paul Knott designed this voluminous dress based on the poisoned apple from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." Etienne Laurent / Today

Sleeping Beauty’s resident evil queen Maleficent gets a terrifying new look from Spanish designer Custo Dalmau.Etienne Laurent / Today

Alice of "Alice in Wonderland" looks more sophisticated in an apron-less blue gown by Russian designer Alexander Terekhov. Etienne Laurent / Today
Italian designer Luisa Beccaria took her cues from "Aladdin" for a dreamy dress reminiscent of those Arabian nights.Etienne Laurent / Today
Minnie may be looking older these days, but some characters refuse to grow up. Irish designer Philip Treacy created this playful hat inspired by everyone’s favorite man-child: Peter Pan.Etienne Laurent / Today

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