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Carrie & Josh

Bloomington, Minnesota

About the bride: Carrie is a gymnastics coach from Bloomington, Minnesota.

About the groom: Josh is a student studying to be a history teacher.

Time together: Four years

Engagement date: April 30, 2005

Why he's the one: "Josh teaches me compassion everyday. He's also taught me life is as good as you see it. This man has made my life better."

Why she's the one: "I realized I'd been asleep my whole life until Carrie. When she's around my lungs are full, my eyes are open and my heart is warm."

Who knew that you could find your soul mate in junior high? Don't worry, Carrie and Josh didn't know either until fate brought them together again in college.

In junior high, Josh was the new transfer in school and was immediately labeled a "hottie" by the popular girls. Carrie wasn't really part of that crowd so they didn't have a chance to talk, but Josh's baggy pants and crazy hairstyle charmed her nonetheless. In high school, the young couple dated but only for a week, and their young puppy love ended in friendship.

Josh later bumped into Carrie at the University of Minnesota and saw that she was still the sweet girl from high school. But Josh was older and wiser, he had learned his lesson and he wasn't going to let Carrie get away this time.

After the tragic events of 9/11, Josh was sent to secure the Minnesota Airport. While he was on duty with the National Guard, Josh needed a place to stay and since they were old friends, Carrie offered her place. The rest is history. Carrie and Josh love to travel and experience new things together; Josh and Carrie insist that dating is boring and that they don't "date," they go on "adventures." Carrie says, "We seem like complete opposites, but we're drawn together like a moth to a flame."

Being adventurous does have its rewards. Carrie had always wanted to visit Australia and finally got the chance, but while she was away Josh realized that he never wanted to be away from his "CareBear" ever again.

Upon her return, Josh thoughtfully prepared a sandwich and root beer for Carrie. After her long plane ride home, all she could do was devour her sandwich! Josh started to laugh, and that's when Carrie finally noticed there was something else in the glove compartment: an engagement ring!

Josh and Carrie believe it was fate that brought them together again in college. Now the couple plans on never being apart again as they promise to share marriage and love, the ultimate adventure together.