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Your boring button-down just got a major makeover with this easy trick

Watch your dusty, old button-down transform into a dinner-worthy blouse in just four steps.
/ Source: TODAY

Are you getting tired of wearing the same oversized flannel or boring, old button-down? There's no need to shop for a new item; simply transform it into a dinner-worthy wrap blouse with this quick trick.

Don't believe us? Try it out for yourself by following the steps below. You'll never look at your button-downs the same way again.

Step 1:

Tuck a flannel shirt
Anna De Souza

Pick your favorite button-down and pair it with the bottom of your choosing — whether you’re sporting a pencil skirt, jeans, pants or even a cute jumper. Don't be afraid to mix patterns!

Step 2:

Tuck a flannel shirt
Anna De Souza

Take one side of your unbuttoned shirt and wrap around your body, tucking it in to the opposite side of your bottom

Step 3:

Tuck a flannel shirt
Anna De Souza

Repeat with the other side, wrapping it over the initial tuck. And there you have it!

Step 4:

How to tuck a flannel shirt
Anna De Souza

For added security, you can safety pin each side directly to your skirt, and/or pin the "V" intersection in the front. You can also fasten one of the top buttons to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions.

Forget red lipstick, this is how you loosen up for happy hour!

Credit: H&M Flannel Shirt, $24.99; skirt model’s own

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