Butler or action hero? 6 career ideas for retired David Beckham

Sad news, ladies (and maybe soccer fans): David Beckham’s retiring.

The world’s most recognizable soccer player announced Thursday morning he’s hanging up his cleats, leading us all to wonder: What career comes next for the 38-year-old soccer star? Here are a few helpful suggestions:

Full-time dad: Posh and Becks have done a lovely job raising Brooklyn, Cruz, Romeo and Harper — they seem like kind, photogenic kids. Maybe now David can spend more time with all four (especially the adorably round-faced Harper).

Arnaldo Magnani / Today
David Beckham looks so sweet with his daughter, Harper, in New York City.
Mark J. Terrill / Today
David has no problem being affectionate with his son, Romeo, at a Lakers game in Los Angeles.

International man of mystery: That confused-yet-all-knowing gaze would look downright silly on anyone else. David, on the other hand, could use it to his advantage, say, in Myanmar during business transactions involving rubies.

Kim Ludbrook / Today
Beckham arrives on the red carpet for the FIFA World Cup 2010 draw in Cape Town, South Africa.

Butler: No one else rocks a livery footman-style ensemble like Becks.

David and Victoria arrive at Westminster Abbey before William and Kate's wedding.

Underwear model: Well, he’s done it before (or did he?). But who wouldn't want to see Beckham and his abs full time in next to nothing?

Alasdair McLellan / Today
David Beckham models for H&M — using his real body.

Victoria’s personal assistant: Someone has to help Victoria maintain her style!

Paul Hubble / Today
Victoria and David Beckham leaving the Comme des Garcons in Paris, France.

Action hero: David can strike a pose better than the best of them. X-Men? How about Becks-men.

Beckham poses for a watch ad — and maybe fights crime.

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