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'Bun-dropping' is the mesmerizing new hair trend that has us under its spell

These slow-motion "bun dropping" videos are completely hypnotic.
/ Source: TODAY

As if we needed yet another reason to envy a long, Rapunzel-esque mane, so-called "bun drop" videos are here to make trendy lobs feel obsolete. These viral videos of long-haired ladies untying their top buns have been taking over Instagram — and it's unexpectedly mesmerizing.

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Each post features a model uncoiling a loosely wrapped topknot in a slow-motion fashion that's so hypnotic, you'll probably lose track of time.

Some videos are set to dance music (making them even more fun to watch!) with the bun drop set to be in sync with the climactic bass drop. Others just entrance you with the all-consuming release of the bun sans music. Because, really, what more do you need when you have perfectly conditioned, Lady Godiva-like hair?

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While the social media trend may seem odd at first glance, the results of gorgeous, cascading tresses are something we never knew we needed to see in life ... until now. So sit back, relax and let the wildly impressive locks put you under their spell. Seriously, try not to get hypnotized.

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