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The 1 product that makes Brooklyn Decker look like she's 'glowing all day'

The "Grace & Frankie" star also revealed the No. 1 trick she learned from Jennifer Aniston
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Brooklyn Decker barely has a moment to stop and breathe. She stars on Netflix’s "Grace & Frankie," serves as chief design officer for her online wardrobe organizer Finery, and chases after her adorable kids (Hank, 3 and Stevie, 16 months) with husband Andy Roddick.

So how is it that the 31-year-old seemingly defies all odds and always looks picture perfect? Well, Decker chalks that up to an arsenal of beauty products she cannot leave home without.

“Your skin’s needs change as you get older,” Decker explained to TODAY. “For so long, really almost 20 years, I was fighting acne and any product I used dried my skin out. But pregnancy fixed my skin, which is strange. And for once, I could put good stuff into my skin as opposed to years of trying to defeat it. Now, I find that I’m carrying more self-care products in my bag than ever before out of necessity!”

Thankfully, the model and actress shared her secrets with TODAY on a recent trip to promote her partnership with Pure Leaf Tea.

Brooklyn Decker's Skin Care and Beauty Favorites

  • 1. L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara, $8, Amazon

Before she heads out the door, Decker grabs a familiar drugstore staple. “I curl my lashes and put on L’Oreal Volumnious mascara,” she revealed.

  • 2. Becca x Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette, $46, Nordstrom

Crunched for time in the morning, Decker reaches for the palette her friend Chissy Teigen created with with Becca cosmetics. “It’s a bronzer-highlighter-blush in one!” she said. “I’ll swipe that on my cheeks, so it looks I’m glowing all day when I’m not.”

Decker is also constantly swiping on Glossier's popular lip product, Balm Dotcom. “It feels like you’re a 12-year-old eating Lip Smackers. It awakens the inner child in me!” she joked. “Makeup artists often say you’re a person who eats their lips if you rub your lips all the time or lick your lips to where you take all your lipstick off. I’m that person so I put it on throughout the day.”

  • 4. Essie’s Ballet Slippers, $9, Walmart

Though she tends to prefer dark polishes, Decker has recently been drawn to Essie’s pink Ballet Slippers. “It’s super natural,” she said of the sheer shade. “I love a good Ballet Slipper look. I got a manicure with it recently and got hibiscus nail art on two of my fingers.”

The added floral detail is actually a nod to Pure Leaf’s hibiscus herbal iced tea. Decker, a paid spokesperson for the brand, said she relies on the drink to beat afternoon slumps, “It’s perfect for that 3 p.m. pick-me-up!”

To wipe her makeup off after a long day, “I dig my fingers into this cleansing balm,” Decker explained. “Everything melts off my face. BeautyCounter is one of the few EWG-certified beauty brands. And, as a mom, I’m always a little bit more particular about what goes on my face because my skin is touching my babies all the time.”

On set, however, stripping away her makeup calls for Glossier’s oil-free Milky Jelly Cleanser. “It (was) actually recommended to me by a makeup artist on the show,” Decker said. "If there’s a makeup change, there’s no oil for the makeup artist to have to work around. It creates a clean palette and so I really fell in love with it.”

To give her skin a boost midday, she relies on the BeautyCounter mist. “I spray it on and I feel like I’m at a spa — it feels really luxurious!” Decker raved. “I’m starting to get these nice wrinkles all over my face and makeup will settle into them. I never used to care about a mist, but this is really good for refreshing those makeup wrinkles throughout the day.”

She credits Drybar for keeping her locks looking lush — and clean. “I wash my hair probably twice a week, so Drybar dry shampoo is the best,” Decker revealed. “My sister-in-law is a big hippie and did this whole no wash thing with apple cider vinegar. I tried it but you could fry French fries on my head, so I had to stop.”

  • 9. Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, $185, Neiman Marcus

For a splurge, Decker swears by this brightening serum. “I find Vintner’s Daughter works better than a moisturizer because it soaks into your skin and doesn’t just sit on top of it,” revealed Decker. “Just by nature of traveling all the time, my skin is always going to be a little dry. So, this my best friend right now.”

Jessica Alba’s gentle products are also a staple in Decker’s world. “I love Honest Company and always have their baby wipes on me,” the model said. “I use them to take care of everything: clean my furniture, wipes the table, clean my children, wipe the dog’s paws.”

They really are all purpose!

Not all her secrets are store-bought. While shooting 2011’s comedy "Just Go With It," she picked up a valuable tip from costar Jennifer Aniston: Hydrate.

“Jennifer had a huge thing of water with lemon every day,” recalled Decker. “We would be in rehearsals at 5 a.m. and she would be there with her water and lemon. It seems so simple, but it’s something so few of us do correctly or well. It’s supposed to be really good for your health and skin, so I took note!”

That's one tip that won't cost a cent!

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