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Brooke Shields stars in bikini ads at 52: 'I finally feel comfortable' with my body

The model and actress is one of the stars of a new ad campaign for the body-positive swimsuit brand Swimsuits For All.
Swimsuits For All
/ Source: TODAY

Brooke Shields has been appearing in films, TV shows and landmark modeling campaigns since she was a kid, but it's only now — at 52 — that she's embracing her body.

The model and actress, one of the stars of a new ad campaign for the body-positive swimsuit brand Swimsuits For All, opened up to People magazine about how she finally feels beautiful wearing a bikini.

Shields is one of the stars of Swimsuit For All's new 'Power Suit' campaign featuring dynamic women from all walks of life.swimsuitsforall

“Growing up under such scrutiny led me to feel insecure about my looks," Shields, who appears in the brand's new size-inclusive Power Suit campaign, told People. “Feeling disconnected from my own body, it took me years to separate the opinions of others from my own."

For years, the former "Suddenly Susan" star had plenty to feel good about thanks to motherhood and her Hollywood career. But now Shields says it feels great to have self-esteem about her fit body, too.

"At 52 years old, I finally feel comfortable and proud of all the hard work I’ve put into my body," said the mom of two, who added she now feels "confident being in my own skin."

Shields said for years she felt scrutinized as a young person in Hollywood and it's only now she's embracing her body.swimsuitsforall

Shields shows off her enviable abs in the brand's red Pioneer Bikini in the campaign, and says her toned physique comes courtesy of an active lifestyle — not crash diets or pressure-filled workouts.

"It’s all about balance. There’s no set way to be healthy and fit, it really is finding what works for you," she said. "I always try to drink a lot of water, get a good night’s sleep and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.”

Shields appears in the campaign alongside a diverse array of women including (L-R) nurse practitioner Katie Duke, model Ashley Graham, pro swimmer Pat Gallant Charette and reality TV star Angela Simmons.swimsuitsforall

These days, Shields, who appears in the ads alongside model Ashley Graham, reality star Angela Simmons and other dynamic women, is so proud of the shape she's in, she's actually enjoying showing off a little skin.

The actress and model shows off her abs in the brand's red Pioneer Bikini two-piece.swimsuitsforall

“When I was younger, I never loved being in a swimsuit because I picked apart the way I looked in them. I would always find a way to cover up,” she shared. “Now, I feel most confident when I’m showing off my body rather than hiding it.”