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Bride goes viral with story of mother-in-law wearing wedding gown to ceremony

Amy Pennza is "happy to report" that the nuptials "unfolded without bloodshed."

When Jimmy Fallon asked his more than 51 million Twitter followers to share their #WeddingFail stories, Amy Pennza’s tale stood out — just like Pennza’s mother-in-law did on her big day.

“My mother-in-law wore a wedding dress to my wedding,” Pennza wrote. “So, yeah, top that one, Twitter.” For proof, the Ohio-based novelist included a photo of herself and the groom’s mom dressed in floor-length white gowns.

It should come as no surprise that Pennza was flooded with replies. “Is she still alive?” one person asked. Snipped another, “Did you get sneezy while holding a big glass of red wine?”

Pennza elaborated on what happened in a series of follow-up tweets. “I don’t remember much about the day. Most people say their wedding is a blur, and that’s true for me, too,” she explained. “But I know I said this: ‘You… You could be the bride…’”

Though Pennza ultimately took the situation in stride, her sister and college roommate had concerns about what might go down.

“They both spent the reception looking at me, then each other, then MIL, then me, then the cop the venue made us hire — hoping I didn’t go for his taser,” Pennza joked. “I’m happy to report the wedding unfolded without bloodshed, or anyone being shoved into the champagne fountain.”

Pennza went on to reveal that her mother-in-law grew up in “extreme poverty” and because of her upbringing she is very “frugal.”

“So when she spotted The Dress at an incredible bargain, she couldn’t turn it down. If you ask her now, she says she feels terrible about it,” Pennza shared. “Although, she told me, ‘I think I’ve still got it. We should raffle it off.’”

Pennza, who is now a mother of four, noted that while the dress was “a shock,” she adores her children’s grandma.

“When my twins were newborns, she drove across town every night, slept on the sofa, and did three feedings. For two babies. Every night for months,” she wrote. “She’d walk over hot coals for her grandchildren. She gives them everything. Because, you know, she grew up with nothing.”

According to Pennza, it’s a “happily ever after” story.

“Sure, she wore a wedding dress to my wedding. But she has more than made up for it since,” Pennza shared. “When I told her about this getting a lot of attention, and said I was worried it might hurt her feelings, she waved it off. ‘Whatever makes me famous.’”