How to write bridal shower poems

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Bridal Shower Poems

Bridal shower poems are as perennial as spring weddings. Whether you want a sweet wedding poem or a funny speech to make your friends laugh, use these tips to compose something perfect for any theme.

Set the Tone
Bridal shower poems often appear on invitations and set the mood for the whole event! We like these suggestions for a lingerie shower—it gets the relevant information across without falling into language that will scandalize Grandma.

Customize the Text
Most bridal shower poems include an opportunity to mention your bride’s name, but try to work her husband-to-be’s name in there too—it’ll make it more personal, as with these options for a recipe-themed shower.

Make It Interactive
Incorporating photos on a Powerpoint slideshow with accompanying verse is guaranteed to keep guests’ attention, or take a page from this gal’s book and create a keepsake photobook/poem that lets all the guests learn about each other and the couple.

For a Fond Farewell
If you delivered a killer recitation at the shower itself, keep the fun going with another poem in the thank-you notes! Have them printed on cards for the bride-to-be so she can send them out to guests with a personal note.

But DON’T...
The one thing to avoid with your bridal shower poem? Don’t disguise a plea for cash in envelopes by trying to hide it in a poem. Often known as “wishing well”.

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