Spring into confidence! 4 shapewear ideas to help you feel your best

Spring has officially sprung!

And with warmer days just around the corner, we'll be breaking out our favorite skirts, blouses and dresses before we know it.

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Shapewear solutions to help you shed winter layers with confidence

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Shapewear solutions to help you shed winter layers with confidence

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Here to help us get ready for spring (and all the fun and fashionable clothes that come with it) is Jené Luciani, author of "The Bra Book." She's sharing her favorite must-have pieces of shapewear so that we can feel fabulous in spring clothes.

1. No more muffin top

Here's an issue we can all relate to: the muffin top. It can easily turn your skinny jeans or skirt into your least favorite wardrobe item. Luciani has an easy fix; just try high-waisted boy shorts or briefs.


Warner's No Pinching No Problem Long Boy Shorts, $14, Kohl's


Contour Brief, $29, Knockout!


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2. Battle that back bulge

We've all had that extra skin that comes out from underneath or over your bra. It's enough to drive us crazy! But investing in the right piece of shapewear can end this struggle once and for all.


Warner's Shaping Bodysuit, $56, JCPenney


Warner's No Effects Bra, $28, Kohl's

3. Perk up your booty

Feeling confident in your favorite pants can be as simple as having the right piece of shapewear. Create the illusion of a toned backside with a high-waist slimmer (aka, booty picker-upper).


Simply Perfect High Waist Slimmer, $20, Target


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4. Keep it all up

Shapewear can work magic, but there's also nothing more annoying than when it won't stay in place. To avoid the seemingly inevitable roll down, try a piece that starts right underneath the bra.


Stretch High Waist Mid-Thigh Shaper, $68, Hookedup Shapewear

Hookedup Shapewear