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Bold bride? J. Crew debuts a wedding jumpsuit

Eyelash Lace Jumpsuit

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By Amy Eley

The traditional white wedding dress is getting some competition.

As brides review their fashion options, they will now get to consider springing for something a little less conventional. J. Crew unveiled a bridal jumpsuit as part of its spring/summer 2014 wedding collection to entice the less-mainstream bride. 

"Who says you have to wear a gown on your big day?" reads the jumpsuit description. 

The Eyelash Lace Jumpsuit comes complete with pockets, sheer sleeves and a deep V-neck style. Priced at $750, the one-piece wonder is certainly an affordable option when compared to gowns that can frequently cost thousands of dollars. But while the price might sound ideal, the public's reaction on the idea of wearing a jumpsuit down the aisle is mixed: 




The bridal jumpsuit isn’t the first deviation from the formal white dress that has debuted in recent years. Cozy sweaters have been a popular look for winter brides, while actress Kaley Cuoco recently tied the knot in a pink Vera Wang gown. And don't forget the bridal bikini that hit the runway in 2011.

The chic color has received the Hollywood treatment, with celebrities donning it in every fabric and at every event.