Bobbie's Buzz: Tried-and-true beauty products

From a stress-relieving robot to upside down mascara, TODAY style editor and author Bobbie Thomas takes some clever products for a test drive.

Magic massagers


A hot commodity amongst my friends and family, the Omni Massage Roller is a simple yet surprisingly effective way to diffuse tension and knots in your back, shoulders and neck. You instantly feel stress melt away when the billiard-like ball rolls over sensitive shoulder and neck muscles. The plastic grip is easy to use, meaning less fatigue for whoever is doing the rolling ($5-20, WheeMe, the so-called stress relief robot, is another easy-to-use massager. The palm-sized device features 'fingerettes' that gently stroke and caress your back for a relaxing, tingling sensation. The gadget even utilizes tilt-sensor technology so it won't wander off your back ($69.99,

Bonnet blast

You can quickly turn your average blow dryer into a treatment dryer with the Dryer Bonnet, a brand new beauty product. Just attach the tubular end to your dryer and place the cap part over your hair. The hot air will flow right in, helping set curls or conditioning treatments. The bonnet is one size fits all (for both dryers and head sizes), and, clearly Judy Jetson approved ($20, 

Mascara max


Sephora's newly released double-brush mascara offers a unique way to achieve volume, length, curl and definition. The tong-like design enables the bristles to brush through your lashes from the top and bottom at the same time to help coat both sides with mascara, lengthen, separate, and reduce clumping ($22,

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