Bobbie's Buzz: Stylish ways to keep in touch
Sick of envelope adhesive? Try these flavored envelopes from

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By Bobbie Thomas

Whether you need to send out thank you notes, remember special days, or just want to reach out to someone this summer, TODAY style editor and author Bobbie Thomas shares a few thoughtful ways to stay connected (and none of them require Twitter!).

Convenient cards
As much as we love emails, there's nothing like getting a good old-fashioned card in the mail, but running to the store, grabbing stamps and catching the mailman can sometimes be a bit of a hassle. Thankfully you can have the best of both worlds with help from Cleverbug and, which allow you to create personalized, printed cards that are mailed out on your behalf.

You can plan ahead and pick predesigned cards for birthdays and anniversaries, or customize a greeting with photos. And if you scan your signature or sign your smartphone screen, Cardstore will even add your autograph ($2.99 & up plus postage,; $TBA & up plus postage,

Sweet stationery
Those who cherish the lost art of letter-writing, will love NicelyNoted, a new service that sends you a curated selection of cards and stamps every month. Added plus? The deliveries can serve as a reminder to catch up on your correspondence ($18,

And if you love sending letters but loathe the taste of envelope adhesive, consider Flavorlopes. Thanks to its sweet solution, you can seal your letter with a quick lick of a fruity flavor ($9.99;

Modern memories
Last but not least, it's become all too easy to miss out on memories at graduations, weddings and parties thanks to smartphones and small talk! If you want to be sure to capture every moment, the Memoto may be for you. The small, "life-logging" camera can be worn around your neck and snaps photos, complete with date and time, helping to preserve even the littlest details (Pre-Order $279,