Bobbie's Buzz: Stress less with these helpful products

In-laws, overeating and long lines: The holidays are here! TODAY style editor and author Bobbie Thomas shares a few finds that will help turn down the volume.


T Spheres
With our over-scheduled lives, who has the time for a massage? The solution? T Spheres, a DIY-way to release and relax anytime, anywhere. Just roll the oil-infused balls on sore areas to treat a variety of problems from headaches to foot pain. 

The spheres not only offer the added benefits of natural essential oils (mint for energy, lavender for relaxation, detoxifying grapefruit, or anti-inflammatory rose geranium) but they can also be chilled in the freezer or popped in the microwave for a dose of heat. Two sizes are available in small travel-size bags ($20-35,


Elephant chat
Busy lives can lead to a lack of communication in a relationship, and often outbursts and arguments as well. But how do you open the door for difficult discussions? 

Jason Adams brought out a stuffed animal elephant when he needed to have an important talk with his girlfriend Amanda — a tongue-in-cheek way to bring up "the elephant in the room." The two would pass the toy back and forth; whoever held the elephant got to talk. Long story short, Jason and Amanda are now happily married and marketing elephants to those in need ($25,


Baby shusher
Nothing could stop Chad and Katie Zunker's baby from crying — until they discovered the ancient art of rhythmic shushing, which recreates the calming sounds a baby might hear in the womb. Because of his larger lung capacity, dad became the designated family "shusher." 

But what happened when dad wasn't around? Chad grabbed a tape recorder, and soon friends and family were asking for copies. That's when the idea for the Baby Shusher was born ($34.99,


Kong on-off squeaker
You finally have a chance to catch up on your DVR (or take a nap), when your loyal four-legged friend is just so happy that her tail starts wagging, and all you hear is squeak, squeak, squeak! 

Now, thanks to Kong's Off-On Squeaker, you don't have to hide Fido's favorite toy. Simply find the switch to block the air flow and play fetch ($7.99-10.99,