Bobbie's Buzz: Sports bras and other products that provide a perfect fit

TODAY style editor and's Bobbie Thomas highlights three items to help you feel "just right".

Double duty bra

Traditional sports bras offer decent support, but they can often be a pain to put on and pull off, especially post hot, humid workouts. Thanks to its front closure, the new Knockout bra from Victoria's Secret eliminates the struggle and offers extra support with a one, two punch. After slipping into the armholes, slide and lock the center clasp of a supportive under-wire bra and then just zip closed the outer layer. It's incredibly easy, and no uni-boob! Perfect for running, kickboxing and more ($54.50-$62.50,

Handy holders

It seems like the sleeker smartphone designs get, the more likely you are to have one slip through your fingers. Considering that these devices rule our lives, I've been searching high and low for a sturdy solution, and found two that can work for any phone, tablet, e-reader or phone cases you are already using. The SlingGrip features a stick-on elastic strap that you can insert one or a few fingers through to confidently walk and talk or strike a selfie pose ($6.95,, while The Bunker Ring offers a pivoting circle that will slide onto a finger extending your thumb's range on the screen or double as a kickstand for hands free help. Additionally, The Bunker Ring adheres using a reusable pad that can be removed, washed and reapplied whenever necessary ($19,

Reinvented remover

For those who adore instant soak-off style nail polish removers (the kind where you swish each finger into a pre-soaked sponge), there is a new, upgraded version available at Sephora. The over-sized Formula X Delete All has holes for all five fingers and a stronger formula that's said to remove polish in approximately 20 seconds. And if that doesn't impress you, then their Instant Toe Nail Polish Express remover coming out next month will. Complete with a foam sponge cleverly tucked inside under the cap, you can now dip and twist your toes to remove lacquer too ($12-$14,

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