Bobbie's Buzz: Splish-splash solutions to summer problems

With swimming season in full swing, TODAY style editor and author Bobbie Thomas is here to share a few savvy summer solutions.

Sage's Shampoo Caps allow you to wash your hair without getting wet.

Showerless shampooing
Most of us turn to shower caps to keep our hair dry, but Sage's Shampoo Caps will wash your hair — while keeping you dry. The rinse-free caps are not only a handy alternative to shampooing in the shower, perfect for camping trips and more, but also a helpful aid to healthcare professionals. Simply warm the cap in a microwave, slip it on, and massage away to absorb dirt and oil ($3.69,

Keep your swimsuit in place with Bikini Bite's "suit fastener."

No-slip swimming
This next savvy summer find is an industry secret from the world of bodybuilding. Bikini Bite "suit fastener" is a gentle spray adhesive designed to keep swimwear, spandex shorts, miniskirts and more in place to avoid public peek-a-boos. It dries quickly, claims to work on any fabric, and rinses off with soap and water ($6.98,

AfterSwim's strips will absorb that pesky water in your ears.

Water-absorbing strips
Last but not least, water lovers of all ages will be happy to hear about AfterSwim's absorbent strips, ideal for quickly absorbing water from the ear canal. Safer than a Q-tip and easier to use than drying drops, AfterSwim can gently eliminate moisture, reducing the risk of ear infections, irritations, and possibly the one-legged head-thumping ritual ($10.98,