Bobbie's Buzz: Smart summer sprays

On a muggy day, nothing's worse than glopping on heavy lotions and makeup! TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas shares some effortless aerosols that'll keep you looking and feeling good:

Add shine to your locks with Oribe's conditioning sprays.

For your hair
Somewhere in between hair spray and a dry shampoo, Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray has become a cult favorite for achieving sexy, refreshed hair. Now the brand has released two new additional formulas, Thick and Soft. Depending on your hair needs and the climate, Thick will help plump hair with volume, while Soft, a dry conditioning spray, will help relax tresses. An alternative to hot and heavy in-shower treatments, the spray can instantly adds smoothness and shine to your locks ($35,

Urban Decay's smart spritz will give your skin a blast of vitamin B6.

For your face
Next up, a double-duty beauty breakthrough from Urban Decay. Thanks to a partnership with Skindinavia, the brand is launching a new B6 Complexion Spray with the first-ever stabilized, liquid form of vitamin B6. Not only will the smart spritz offer a mid-day dose of moisture, but it also helps to absorb oil, minimize pores, and reduce redness. ($33,

Keep the bugs at bay with Aromaflage's botanical perfume.

For your skin
Insect repellents are another infamously greasy summertime necessity that you can now find in a more pleasant form. Aromaflage, developed by husband-wife duo Michael and Melissa Fensterstock, is a botanical perfume that keeps insects at bay while nourishing skin with a light touch of vitamin E ($65,

Gold Bond's powder spray won't make as much of a mess.

For everywhere else
Last but not least, an "airy" update to an old classic. Powder is a powerful way to protect from excess moisture (and more), but it's also proven to be a hot mess. Thanks to the folks at Gold Bond, a new spray version is hitting drugstores this summer to help improve your aim. Now you can apply a quick coat, without coating your entire bathroom floor. ($6.99,