Bobbie's Buzz: Simple spring accents

From stylish hairpieces that will give you a perfect bun to a new scientific sku number for your skin color, TODAY style editor and's Bobbie Thomas shares the scoop on hot products for spring.


EasiHair clip-ins
The perfect messy updo can be deceptively difficult to achieve. It's tough to see what's going on, and locks of hair can fall out of place — so what's a girl to do? Get a Fun Bun of course, and twist your hair into the perfect tousle.

This scrunchie-like accessory is made from synthetic hair that can quickly be popped on for an effortlessly chic 'do that'll last all day. Check out the Elegance updo to hide a bad hair day with a polished top knot, and easiFringe for perfect bangs that may change your life if you often struggle with your blow dryer.

With over 20 color matches and a natural looking scalp line, the heat-friendly strands blend in and rarely need styling. Simply clip-in, finesse with your fingers and go ($12.95 to $61.50,


Pantone Color IQ
Imagine if you could wave a magic wand, and instantly see all of the specific products that perfectly match your skin tone? Well, this Judy Jetson-esque beauty breakthrough is now a reality. Sephora teamed up with Pantone to create Color IQ, a beauty device that assigns you a precise Pantone SkinTone number.

A technician will scan your forehead, cheek and neck to identify your scientific sku, and then reveal your exact foundation shade from over 1,500 formulas in the store. You can further edit the matches according to your individual needs and ingredients. The free service takes just a few minutes, and has launched in 26 stores this month. For participating locations, visit


Hand bracelets
Next up, a jewelry trend hot on the "palms" of mid-finger rings. Trendsetters from coast to coast have been adorning their hands in a whole new way. SunaharA Malibu's 'hand bracelets' rest just above your fingers (with the band between your thumb and pointer) for an unexpected luxe look ($55,

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