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Bobbie's Buzz: Scoop up stylish tech gear

Whether you're looking to trick out your tech toys or just 'unplug' for a bit, TODAY style editor and author Bobbie Thomas is here to share the latest and greatest products from the digital world.


No peeking
From online banking to "Facebook stalking" sessions, there are countless times we'd all like a bit of privacy while surfing the web. 3M's Privacy Screens for phones and tablets can be helpful in those situations. The clear stick-ons won't impede your view, but the screen will appear black from other angles. It's available for Apple, Blackberry, Samsung, Kindle and more ($16-35, shop3m.com).


Mental block
Looking to get away from the noise for a bit? The Blokket case can serve as both a physical and mental barrier between you and your phone. The specially designed sleeve blocks all cell signals, while the simple act of just putting your phone away can help you get back to the real world ($29.95, momastore.org).


Stick out
Laptop decals have quickly become a favorite around my office. These self-adhesive, removable stickers can help you differentiate your laptop among a sea of nearly identical computers with the added bonus of being stylish ($1.99 & up, amazon.com).


Lost and found
Last but not least, phrases like "I can't find my keys!" and "I lost my purse!" may become a thing of the past thanks to a number of new smart phone apps that utilize GPS tracking technology. One of the newest to the market is the Tile, available now for pre-order. Attach the quarter-sized device to your bike, bag, phone, keys and anything else you don't want to lose, then open up the app to pinpoint the item's location ($18.95, thetileapp.com).

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