Bobbie's Buzz: Scoop up clever gifts for friends and family

If you've got loved ones who live for music, pamper their pets, and swoon for sweet treats, you'll love this round-up of gift ideas! TODAY style editor and author Bobbie Thomas shares her top present picks, inspired by our own Hoda Kotb, who is celebrating her birthday today!

iCalmDog is music for your pup's ears.

Calming canine music 
If you know a puppy with a little too much pep or a cat that's out of control, consider giving both pet and owner relief with "psychoaccoustically" designed calming music. The clinically tested tunes have been made specifically for your favorite four-legged friend. And the iCalm, a portable player, will help soothe Fido or Fifi on car rides, during thunderstorms, or other anxious moments ($9.99 & up,

Charge your phone on the go with a Mighty Purse.

Cutting edge clutches
You're out and about, you look down at your phone, and you see it: the dreaded "dying battery" symbol. There's usually not much you can do except head home — unless you have a Mighty Purse, the wristlet with a built-in charger! Each leather pouch comes to the rescue with a battery and cord tucked away inside that can help juice up iPhones, Androids and more ($90, 

Bonus buzz: Everpurse is another smart-phone friendly handbag with a unique charging pocket you can slip your cell into. Even more, the bag itself can be recharged wirelessly; just lay it on the special mat overnight and you're good to go ($189 & up,

Great for joggers, AfterShokz headphones allow the wearer to listen to music while remaining aware of her environment.

Outside the ear 'phones
For friends who jog and kids who tend to tune out, AfterShokz headphones can be a smart and savvy gift idea. The small earphones sit on the temple, rather than in the ear, and utilize vibrations to play music, allowing the wearer to hear conversations and stay alert to car horns and traffic noise ($69.95,

Treat House offers gourmet Rice Krispies treats with creative flavors.

Re-Invented rice treats
And finally, just launched this week on the foodie scene is Treat House, purveyor of gourmet rice treats that offer a twist on the traditional favorite. With flavors like birthday cake, chocolate peanut butter, bubble gum and salted caramel, the shelf-stable sweets make great gifts to send to family and friends as an alternative to cake. There are plenty of allergen-free varieties, and 10 cents of each treat sold goes to the Food Bank For New York City ($22 & up,