Bobbie's Buzz: Savvy solutions to simple style problems

From messy vanities to cluttered counter tops, spring is the perfect time to address where you get dressed! TODAY style editor and's Bobbie Thomas shares smart ways to streamline your daily routine.


Magnets and more
If you're looking for a quick and easy way to organize your cosmetics collection, consider DIY-ing a makeup magnet board. All you need is a piece of sheet metal, available at stores like Home Depot ($6.97, Then adhere small pieces of magnetic tape to your eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes and brushes ($4.99-$19.99, Hang the sheet metal inside a cabinet door or on a wall for a simple, stylish and handy way to display your newly magnetized makeup.

You can also use magnets to multiply the space inside your medicine cabinet thanks to MagnaPods and StickOnPods, small organizers that can house tweezers, cotton swabs, nail polish and other items you want easily accessible ($9.99,


Harness hair tools
If you share a bathroom or have a pedestal sink, you know how precious countertop space can be. Expand your options with clever contraptions like an "over-the-cabinet" hair dryer holder, which not only frees up space, but also helps keep cords out of the way ($6.95, Another item that's perfect for primping? Hot Iron Holsters are silicon pouches that hang over the edge of your sink or counter, preventing burnt surfaces and freeing up your hands ($29.95,

For brushes, sprays and other items, consider the "Style Station Organizer" from the Container Store, which can be mounted anywhere in the bathroom and has convenient compartments for all your tools ($19.99,

And last but not least, a solution for all of us who've ruined a pillowcase or two with wet hair! Pillow Jammies are plush, towel-like coverings for your case that will absorb conditioners and face lotions, protecting your pillow from stains ($29.99,


Repurpose and wrangle
This next set of solutions are both pretty and practical. You can repurpose a vintage cake stand into a chic cosmetic organizer, or try stacking a few stands for a beautiful, multi-tiered makeup display ($5.99-12.99, Lazy Susans are another favorite when it comes to organizing beauty and bath products. They work well on counters and inside deep cabinets — a quick spin puts all your favorites at your fingertips (Lazy Susans $6.99-$29.99,; Glass Turntable $9.99,


Style that sticks
One element that should never be overlooked in a dressing space is inspiration! Try adorning closet doors and empty walls with removable frame decals from You can use them to stick up magazine ads, photos and whatever else inspires you without poking holes or damaging drywall, and the best part is you can change photos out on a whim with just a quick peel ($42.99,

And finally, an ingenious, double-duty solution for your jewelry collection. offers up an over-the-door, full length mirror with a hidden secret: The mirror is actually a cabinet that can contain necklaces, earrings and much, much more. Great for dorms, cramped closets and accessory addicts ($117.94,