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Bobbie's Buzz: Sand-repellent beach gear and other fun summer finds

Make the most of the season with new inventions and innovations discovered by Bobbie Thomas.
/ Source: TODAY

From easy DIY popsicles to a beach trend that doesn't require showing extra skin, TODAY Style Editor and all around Professional Girlfriend Bobbie Thomas shares ways to make the most of the season.

Popsicle sleeves

Perfect for parties or to to take on-the-go, these skinny plastic bags can transform your juice, smoothies, yogurt or even spiked beverages (for adults!) into delicious frozen treats. Just fill with your desired liquid, zip and freeze. No sticks are needed and there's no melty mess to deal in the aftermath ($3.99;

Sand-repellant beach blankets

Did you know that the average beach-goer unintentionally brings home approximately three handfuls of sand per trip? Odds are, a large portion of that is stuck in the fluffy towel and cloth tote bag. A cool company called Lagu is helping remedy this sandy situation by creating beach blankets and carryalls made from specially woven, sand-repellant fabric. Great news for the floor of your car, your closet and other susceptible surfaces! No to mention, their linen-weave polyester products are also quick drying and allergen free ($25 & up,

Retro-inspired towels

Sure, celebrities like Taylor Swift and Beyonce always look adorable rocking that retro beach vibe, but if you're not into donning high-waisted bikini bottoms, there is another way to get in on the nostalgic fun. Bed Bath & Beyond offers beach towels printed with vintage magazine covers (think Harper's Bazaar, The New Yorker, and more). While most typical towel designs are either geometric or juvenile, these prints offer an easy way to add a bit of extra style to your summer ($29.99;

Hooded kids wraps

Taking the kids to the pool or beach isn't a simple task, so here's a smart solution to help you cut down on the amount of gear you lug around: hooded, poncho-style towels. Pottery Barn Kids has cute, monogram-able options that can keep your little one toasty after a swim — great for camp and they won't get lost! ($15-23; You can even find creative, hooded designs that double as whimsical costumes. From pirates to princesses, the enticing towels may make getting your kids out of the water a bit easier ($7.99,

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