Bobbie's Buzz: Puppy purses, canine cocktails and more fun dog products

Why not indulge in a little fun for your pooch? Our style editor and's Bobbie Thomas is here with four fun products that your four-legged friend is sure to love.

Puppy purse

Practical and adorable, the Puppy Purse harnesses your little buddy and allows you to carry a small dog with ease. The purse's straps also convert into a leash and the open design is said to keep your pooch cooler than traditional, closed carriers. Most importantly, the looks from passersby will be priceless ($35.00 & up,

Canine cocktails

Next time you kick back with a glass of wine, why not fill up a bowl for your furry companion too? Yappy Hour Vineyards has bottled what they refer to as "wine" for dogs. The blends are actually gravy-based "epicurean treats," meant to enhance the taste of their kibble, and they're available in smirk-worthy flavors like Char-dog-nay, Bark-deaux and Pinot Tail-io ($16.00,  

Talking pet

From birthday well wishes to mid-day smiles, a hilarious new app lets you transform a photo of your four-legged friend into a quirky animated memo. Simply upload a pic of your pup to your iPhone or Android and record a personalized audio message. Then the app works its magic, making it look like Fido's mouth is really moving ($0.99,

Brewed bones

Last but not least, brews for for Bruiser! The creatively named Sniffing Butt Dog Bone Brewery offers up organic, beer grain-based treats with wholesome ingredients like peanut butter and organic buckwheat flour. The alcohol-free formulas are also eco-friendly, as they upcycle spent beer grain, retrieved from craft brewers, into wag-worthy snacks ($8.00,

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