Bobbie's Buzz: New year, new hot beauty buys

The new year is here and there is no better time to jump start a brand new beauty routine. With this in mind, TODAY style editor and's Bobbie Thomas shares the latest and greatest products to help you build up your beauty bag:

SkinnovationsBetween shortened days and cold, dry air, winter can leave your skin looking a little lackluster. Thankfully, Dr. Dennis Gross has developed a serum that provides all the benefits of sunshine without the harmful effects of UV Rays. His Active Vitamin D Serum Oil can provide you with a daily dose of radiance and luminosity while minimizing fine lines ($65; ).

If you're looking to go hi-tech with your regimen, look no further than WrinkleMD's Eye System — the hyaluronic filler patches are worn beneath the eyes and use micro-currents to help deliver a powerful punch of moisture deep beneath the skin's surface ($129; ). And for the days when you wish you had a makeup artist on call, there's Romi Beauty's Digital Foundation. The device applies makeup at a rate of 5,000 pats per minute, providing coverage that's more even than hand-application ($39.95 & up; ).

Colorful lipsWhether you're looking to amp up or tone down your lip routine this year, there is a shade out there for everyone. For over 40 years, Clinique's cult-favorite color Black Honey has been flying off shelves. In 1989, the company introduced the hue as an "almost lipstick" — a sheer color formula that allows your natural pigment to shine through — and today, one Black Honey lipstick is sold every two minutes. It's no wonder then, that Clinique has finally decided to launch seven new shades, including Spicy Honey, Luscious Honey and more ($15; ). For those who are particularly picky about their lip color, they can also try Covergirl's new double-ended FlipSticks. On one end, find a creamy color; on the other end, a shimmery tone. You can wear them individually or layer and mix together for the perfect pucker ($8.49; ).

Nail newsGel manicures have become more and more popular due to their long-lasting results and protection against breaking and chipping. And what was formerly a salon-only service, is now available at home. The first company to launch the do-it-yourself gels, Red Carpet Manicure, offers kits that allow you to achieve the same rock-hard results you'd get at the salon, as well as a large selection of colors (more than what salons typically have available). Simply apply the coats as directed and use the mini UV light provided to solidify the gel ($59.99 Starter Kit, $9.99 per polish; ).

Following suit, SensatioNail also boasts a professional-quality gel set that can be applied from the comfort of your own couch, and provides glossy color that can last up to 2 weeks ($60 Starter Kit; $12 per polish, ).

Strand solutions The infamous Brazilian blowout has had beauty bloggers buzzing for some time. Thankfully, now there's finally a safe, controversy-free, at-home alternative to get smooth hair. Ojon Haircare's 3 Step Super Sleek straightening system can help your mane become more manageable and less frizzy, while their 90 minute treatment claims to offer results that will last for up to 30 shampoos ($24 & up; ). L'Oreal Paris also has a brand new, healthy-for-your-hair collection that's a first on the market.  Their EverStyle System contains no alcohol, which can damage and dry out your locks ($6.99; Drugstores nationwide). Scalp scratchers and those with thinning hair can find relief with Aveda's Invati collection. With growth stimulationg ingredients like turmeric and ginseng, the products can help decrease hairloss by up to 33 percent ($24 & up; ). Last but not least, hair favorite Goody has solved the age-old dilemma of dry time. Their new QuikStyle brush features absorbent, microfiber bristles that can help soak up excess water for a faster blowout (available in March, $11.99; drugstores)