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Bobbie's Buzz: New and notable twists on classic beauty favorites

Gel manicures and classic hair brushes will likely remain beauty staples, but there are some notable new twists on common beauty favorites that offer extra benefits. TODAY Style Editor and all around Professional Girlfriend Bobbie Thomas has the scoop.

The Cleansing Water Trend

Simple's Cleansing Micellar WaterToday

When it comes to washing your face, cleansing waters have emerged as a gentle alternative to traditional lathering soaps and you can find options everywhere from the drugstore to department store beauty counter. The micellar technology breaks up and dissolves makeup, cleanses, tones and hydrates your skin, all without messy suds or the need for a sink to rinse. From Simple's Cleansing Micellar Water ($6.99) to Ren's Rosa Centifolia 3-in-1 Cleansing Water ($25), all you need to do is swipe and go. Hardcore beauty buffs can also scoop up special varieties like Dr. Brandt's Xtend Your Youth Dual Fusion Water ($32) or Chanel's Limited Edition, purifying Eau Douceur ($45).

Better Gel Lacquer Removal

Panasonic's Electronic Gel Nail Removal ToolToday

For those out there who prefer gel over traditional manicures, but are looking for a better way to remove the polish without wrecking their nails, check out Sensationail's new Nail Shield sticker barriers. When applied before the manicure, the stickers allow for easy peel-off removal later ($7.99, Walgreens stores). If you already have gel polish on your nails that you'd like to remove, consider Panasonic's Gel Nail Removal tool ($24.99), a battery operated buffer designed to do the trick. 

New Hair Helpers

EcoTools' Ultimate Air Dryer Hair BrushToday

I'm constantly on the hunt for hair products that help women get salon-worthy styles at home — without spending half of their day or half of their paycheck. One of my latest discoveries, EcoTools' Ultimate Air Dryer Hair Brush ($10.99) is designed to dry hair up to 40% faster than traditional brushes, yielding less heat damage and a quicker prep time. The trick? A patent-pending shape that allows the tool to double as a diffuser, letting air travel through to your tresses. For those seeking a bit of a boost in the volume department, John Frieda has just released Luxurious Volume 7 Day Volume In-Shower Treatment ($8.99). Apply to roots, then rinse for semi-permanent thickness that can last up to a week through multiple washes.

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