Bobbie's Buzz: Multi-purpose beauty products

TODAY style editor and author of "The Power of Style" Bobbie Thomas highlights a few clever multi-purpose tools to help you cut down on cosmetic clutter.

Two-in-one tweezer

Tweezerman's Pointed Slant tweezer is a smart solution for both those who take their tweezer seriously and others who may not know which to buy. The duo tip offers an angled edge to help pick up standard and coarse hairs, while the pointed precision tip will help snag shorter stubs and finer fuzz-like hairs ($25, Bonus find: Keep tweezers in tip-top shape with the BrowGal's file-like sharpeners ($4,

Knotty or not

As its name implies, the Tangle Teezer hairbrush can help gently remove knots and tame your tresses, but can also tease hair to create volume when used at the roots. It can also be used on wet or dry hair. With its ergonomic, handheld design, the brush was originally meant to help moms tackle their wiggly little ones' bedhead gently, but it has quickly become a backstage beauty favorite ($7.99, 

Multi-wave wand

For those in search of a 'natural' wave, Remington's unique teardrop-shaped barrel may be your answer. The curling iron's rounded side creates a soft wave, while the angled side adds a slight bend in the spiral to help avoid Shirley Temple-like ringlets. The handle was also designed to work with interchangeable alternatives, including a cone-shaped barrel and an extra-long barrel for longer hair lengths ($27.99,

Base or blend brushes

Japonesque's Dual Sided Brushes offer two types of bristles in one tool for more efficient make-up application. Use the synthetic side for applying product, then flip to the natural side to blend ($14.50-$24.50,

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