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By Bobbie Thomas

From an on-the-go workstation to haute headphones, TODAY style editor and author Bobbie Thomas shares the latest and greatest in tech tools. 

Crossbody cases

For those who constantly lose track of their phone (ahem), Frozen Ocean Supply Company's clever phone cases come complete with functional crossbody chains. The open-faced design gives you immediate access to your screen so you can respond to texts and send emails without having to unhook, and you can slip your fingers through the strap on the back, providing a better grip when snapping pictures. The silicon cases are available for both iPhone and Android in a variety of colors ($14.99,

Haute headphones

Ear buds are as ubiquitous as necklaces these days, so Hand Candy took what was an obvious leap, transforming everyday ear buds into fashion statements. Their headphone necklaces are discreetly secured by a magnet behind your neck to instantly transform into an accessory. Just pop in the ear buds to listen to music or talk on phone. With styles to suit every personality, they even have options for men made from earthy stones and leather ($40,

Powerful sanitizer

PhoneSoap polish is a portable stick you can keep in your purse that offers lasting, anti-bacterial properties and also leaves an invisible film layer that fights off fingerprints after each application. If you're interested in a more thorough sanitizing solution, check out PhoneSoap's charging cases, which kills germs in those tough-to-clean spots, like around buttons and seams (polish, $14.95, charging case, $59.95,

On-the-go organizers

Last but not least, a mini-mobile office for those who find themselves working mostly from their smartphones and tablets. MyKeyO is a mini keyboard with a slot to prop up your iPad, iPhone, Kindle and more. Underneath the keyboard is a hidden compartment where you can store small cables, USB drives, sticky notes and pens so you can set up shop in a cafe, park, library or wherever else work takes you. If you already own a wireless keyboard, you can also purchase the organizer on its own ($29.95 & up,

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