Bobbie's Buzz: Great gift ideas inspired by Kathie Lee

From a wooden wine paddle to a wearable gardening stool, TODAY style editor and author Bobbie Thomas shares some fun gift ideas for girlfriends in honor of Kathie Lee's birthday.

One of many gift options at

Give the gift of options
A gift card may be guaranteed to please most, but sometimes it just doesn't feel special enough. Go the extra mile with, an online service that lets you create a customized gift catalog. Simply select an assortment of items you know the recipient would like, and the website will print them up in a booklet. Consider it a "personalized pop-up shop" for your loved ones ($30 & up,

Carry four glasses at a time with this serving paddle.

Serve it up in style
Love to entertain? Increase your level of efficiency as a hostess and keep the alcohol flowing with a wooden wine flight serving paddle. A favorite at bars and restaurants, the device will let you securely carry up to four glasses of wine at a time. Great for parties, holidays, Tuesdays, or any other day of the week ($14.49,!

Hold your drink securely with the Meld Wine glass.

Be one with your wine glass
Wine lovers, like our own Kathie Lee, know that a glass of vino in the hand is better than two on the table! The Meld Wine glass, an ergonomically designed cup that fits snugly in your palm, helps prevent spills. Each glass is handblown and features an actual imprint of someone's hand. It feels so natural you may decide to use it for OJ, water, soda, or any other liquid you love ($35,!

A wearable stool is great for gardening.

Wear your chair
Last but not least, gardening can be a peaceful pastime but the constant bending and kneeling can take its toll on your muscles. Thankfully, there's a savvy seating solution that can actually travel with you around the yard — it's called a 'wearable stool.' Essentially a lightweight seat strapped to a lower body harness, all you need to do is slip it on and then plop down in place. Your tush and your tulips will thank you ($72.99,