Bobbie's Buzz: Gourmet chocolate and other products to help with pregnancy

They say it takes a village to raise a child. And in some cases, it takes a village to make one! TODAY Style Editor and's Bobbie Thomas shares how she and her friends support one another through one of life's most challenging journeys.

Express yourself

The road to parenthood is different for every couple, from natural conception to IVF, surrogacy to adoption. But the one thing they all have in common? Countless emotional twists and turns, which is why it's important to have a strong support system. While I've been undergoing IVF treatments, I've been lucky enough to have my BFF Andrea (who happens to be pregnant) by my side. One thing we've bonded over is the roller coaster range of feelings and the accompanying adorable accessories we've found that perfectly express the experience.

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Favorites include "Warning: Hormonal" mugs, "Be Nice to Me, My Wife Is Pregnant" hats for him and the below (and very truthful) materni-tee graphic. Head on over to to scoop up one of their popular pregnancy-inspired designs or create your own pre-parent paraphernalia ($10.99 & up,


Play peekaboo

At the end of the day, it's helpful to remember why we're nauseous, traveling on swollen foot to seemingly never-ending doctor's appointments. And Etsy seller, CutsieTootsieApparel, has helped us do just that. Their precious peek-a-boo style tees and tanks feature an image of a teeny tot peering out of mom's belly — a sweet and simple reminder that it will all be worth it ($24.99 & up,

Crazy cravings

Whether you're pregnant, undergoing fertility treatments or just PMS-ing, we all have those moments in our lives where NOTHING is more important than chocolate. And in those moments, Andrea and I have discovered a new friend to turn to: the Chuao Chocolatier. Chuao churns out milk and dark chocolate bars in amazing salty/sweet combos like Potato Chip, Maple Bacon and Pop Corn Pop, an addictive blend of chocolate, salty popcorn pieces and pop rocks candy ($4-6,

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