Bobbie's Buzz: Get your feet ready for summer

Sandal season is here! TODAY style editor and author Bobbie Thomas highlights some solutions for getting your feet in shape.

Still Standing spray
Love high heels, but hate how much they can can hurt? Spray-on relief may be here. Made with menthol, aloe and other natural anti-inflammatory ingredients, Still Standing's patent-pending formula aims to stop foot and heel pain before it starts, lasting between 1.5 and 4 hours, even while you're standing. The stainless, grease-less solution can be applied to bare skin or through stockings, and a free purse-size spray comes with each purchase so you can reapply on the go ($14.99-$27.99,

Baby Foot peels
If you've ever struggled with dry, calloused skin on your feet that just won't go away, even with pumice stones and pedicures, you're not alone. In fact, some of us can have up to 80 layers of accumulated dead skin on our feet. Baby Foot’s gel-filled booties aim to bring them back to a super soft state by dissolving the adhesive fibers that are between the rough layers, allowing dry skin to peel away slowly over two weeks. Simply secure the booties around each foot, wait an hour for the gel to penetrate, and wash off. Within 3-7 days, dead skin cells will start to peel ($25,

Silk Feet’s Bladeless Exfoliating Microscreen 
Next up, an exfoliator for all your corners and curves. Silk Feet's Microscreen rounded, flexible design conforms to many angles on the feet and body. Natural minerals are used for the abrasive rather than metal, and you can use it wet or dry to remove dry, calloused skin — without going too deep ($5.99,

Last but not least, FootGloss' all-natural formula creates an invisible layer between you and your shoes, helping prevent chaffing and blisters. Before you go out, prep hot spots that get easily irritated (like the back of ankles and sides of toes) or keep the small tube in your bag for when you first start to feel irritation ($12,

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