Bobbie's Buzz: Get the scoop on 4 clever beauty breakthroughs

From a curling iron that folds to ergonomically-designed makeup brushes, TODAY style editor and author Bobbie Thomas highlights ingenious new products that will take care of your beauty needs.

Save space with a folding curling iron.

Curler that condenses
If you've ever tried to pack a curling iron into a tote or small weekend bag, you know it can be a challenge. For your next overnight excursion, consider scooping up the X5 Superlite Folding Curling Iron. It breaks down to half of its length, so you can conveniently tuck it away into a corner of your carry-on or even your purse ($64.99,

These specially-shaped brushes will help you apply makeup more evenly and with less pressure.

Brand-new brushes
New ergonomic-shaped makeup brushes have emerged to help you apply product more evenly. Pro Visionary's patented curved edge is designed to match up with the eye's natural contour for precise coverage, allowing for a lighter touch. The skin under your eyes is extremely delicate, so it's important to avoid frequent or harsh pressure that can enhance or intensify wrinkles over time ($18-32,

Stay dry while washing your face with Dripknots.

Dripknots' simple head and wrist bands were developed "because getting clean shouldn't be so messy." As most women know, your face washing routine is important, but the process can often result in wet hair and water running down your arms. These bands put a cute and comfortable spin on some of the earlier concepts out there aimed at protecting your hairline and keeping water where it belongs — on your face and nowhere else ($19.95,


Test-drive your products 
Ingredient-savvy consumers and beauty buffs will be interested to learn about, a new monthly subscription service that lets you take beauty products for a test drive before they hit stores. Since the products come straight from the source, you get access to luxe formulations at a reduced cost, by bypassing expensive packaging and marketing ($19.95/month,