Bobbie's Buzz: 4 stylish gifts inspired by birthday girl Kathie Lee

TODAY style editor and's Bobbie Thomas shares clever, buzzworthy gifts any woman would love, inspired by the one and only Kathie Lee Gifford, whose birthday is coming up on Aug. 16.

Obsessive compulsive lip duo

Kathie Lee, like many women, is pretty particular about her pucker and stays true to a few beloved shades. For any other ladies similarly obsessed with their lip tone, Obsesssive Compulsive Cosmetics recently released a correcting lip balm duo, which features a white pigment and a dark pigment that can be applied over your favorite color to give it a subtle (or dramatic) new look depending on what you're in the mood for ($18,

Christian Louboutin nail polish

While you may not be able to splurge on a pair of Christian Louboutins heels, you can always give your pal the brand's iconic red sole shade with a brand new luxe lacquer from the designer. The perfect luxe gift for polish perfectionists is already on back order, but you can sign up to be notified when the next batch hits stores ($50,

Secret sweater

It seems like most women have temperature control issues, from the infamous hot flash to shivers at the office, the movie theater and everywhere in between. The Secret Sweater is an adorable cropped cardi that packs down to a small size so it can be stashed in your bag or at your desk. It doesn't have any zippers, buttons or hardware and it's designed to fit invisibly underneath blazers and lightweight jackets to provide an extra, unobtrusive layer of warmth ($39.95,

The wallet wand

When it comes to girls' night out, no one wants to be bogged down by a heavy handbag. Thankfully, you and your friends can instantly downsize with the Wallet Wand, a savvy solution that lets you turn a checkbook style wallet into a mini bag. Simply slip the wand under the fold of the wallet and attach one of the two provided chains (gold crossbody length or silver shoulder bag length). Then you're all set for a hands-free night of fun ($19.99,

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