Bobbie's Buzz: Cartoon-inspired carryalls and more eccentric accessories

From faux tresses for tots to mitten-shaped moist wipes, TODAY style editor and author Bobbie Thomas shares an unusual round-up of quirky products.


Uniface masks
Why go through the pain of plastic surgery to change your appearance, when you can just buy a whole new "ideal" face in the form of a mask? The Uniface beauty mask comes with cell-binding glue and features big anime eyes, long lashes, a perfect nose, contoured cheeks, and a narrow chin. 

All jokes aside, NYU student Zhouying (Joy) Li designed a "dream-fulfilling face" along with a deceptively real "retail" website (with a fake $399 price tag) as a social commentary on woman's "never-ending quest to adhere to society-set beauty standards."


Cartoon carryalls
When two friends were sketching their dream handbag designs, Chay Su and Rika Lin thought, "What if these 2-D bags could just come to life?" Well, they have, and they are now adding an unexpected touch of quirky to the world. 

The popular line, called Jump From Paper, features bags that look just like flat, cartoon renderings, but still have room for your belongings. Fans all over the world love taking photos of their pop art purses for the brand's website gallery ($60 - $139,


Tresses for tots
Designed "for the girl who has everything — except hair," Baby Bangs come complete with faux locks, and add an extra layer of adorableness to your newborn daughter ($29.95, 

And for fussy tots who can't sit still long enough to have their hair done, there's Bebe Doos! These teeny headbands feature perfectly primped pigtails so all you have to do is slip them on ($20,


Mittens that do more
It's official: They've thought of EVERYTHING! Shittens, created by husband/wife duo Richie & Rachel, are disposable, mitten-shaped moist wipes that can be used in the bathroom as an alternative to "sometimes skimpy" toilet paper. Enough said ($9.95,

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