Bobbie's Buzz: Best body boosters for summer

The foundation of true style starts with loving the skin you're in. TODAY style editor and author Bobbie Thomas shares a few ways to elevate your beauty routine in time for summer.

Order your own signature scent from

Arm yourself with aroma
A signature scent can be your own personal calling card — and what people remember even after you've left the room. Now, perfumer Sarah Horowitz, a long-time celebrity favorite, has launched a new line, Original Scent, that allows you to customize a distinct fragrance all your own.

After completing a "scent profile" and choosing your palate, you'll receive three aromatic options to edit, note by note, into three variations of your perfect blend. Beyond perfume, you can create a very personal line of products to layer into your life, from perfume and lotions, to candles, shampoo, and even linen wash for your sheets ($16-60;

Bronze your body in the shower with Tan Secret.

Add a little glow
The beauty world was recently abuzz with Josie Maran's new self-tanning body wash that you can rub on in the shower and rinse off. It sold out during its QVC debut, and while it will be back in stock sometime soon, those who are eager to try the idea can pick up Tan Secret's wash-off self-tanning mousse.

Apply to damp skin in the shower (away from running water), wait 60 seconds, and rinse to reveal instant color — a much safer alternative to the sun's damaging rays and a quick way to add a little pep in your step this spring ($29.95;

Self tan like a pro
Last but not least, after years of experimenting with self-tanning options, from wipes to express lotions and everything in between, the best tip I've picked up from professional spray sessions is to ensure that you "set" your solution. After applying your product of choice, generously sprinkle baby powder or talc all over your body. Then, dust off excess powder with a hair dryer set on a low, cool setting. This will absorb any extra moisture or potential perspiration, which tend to be the biggest causes of blotching or streaking.

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