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5 years of Bobbie's Buzz! See 33 of Bobbie's favorite, most buzzworthy finds

TODAY has officially been buzzing with Bobbie for five years! In honor of the anniversary, she shares her most buzzworthy finds to date.
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From ex-boyfriend jewelry to color-changing nail polish and "smedium" and "marge" shirt sizes for men (all in her first year!) to the first look at so many other beauty breakthroughs, TODAY has officially been buzzing with Bobbie for five years! In honor of the anniversary, Bobbie Thomas remembers her most buzzworthy finds to date.

Hair helpers

• Root Concealer

Celebrity hair colorist Rita Hazan, developed this aerosol spray to hide unwanted roots and make thin hair look fuller. The sulfate and paraben-free formula is available in four shades to work with nearly every hair color, stretching out days between salon appointments. ($24;

• Spin Pins

A twisty hair tool that does the work of 20 bobby pins, Spin Pins create effortlessly chic, undone buns. It's available in original and mini versions. ($6.79;

• Wrap Up

This is a must-have tool for a fun, temporary hair transformation. Slip the end of your hair through the opening in the tool and roll it up to create the illusion of a short, faux bob. Simply secure in place by turning the edges inward. ($9.99,

• Fun Buns

A scrunchie-like accessory made from synthetic hair, this wrap can quickly be popped on for an effortlessly chic 'do that'll never go limp. ($15;

• The Beachwaver

This miracle tool will create loose, beach-y waves with the touch of a button — so of course we had to test it out in the Bahamas! Simply clip a lock of hair onto the barrel like you would a normal curler and let the waver do all the work. It automatically rotates and gently twirls your tresses into perfect, soft spirals. ($199;

• Oribe Dry

Part hair spray, part dry shampoo, this texturizing spray can instantly add smoothness and shine to your locks. You can find it available in two formulas: thick or soft. ($35,

• Dryer Bonnet

Transform your blow dryer into a treatment dryer with this smart attachment. The hot air flows from the tubular end through the cap to help set curls or conditioning treatments. ($20,

• Hair-Drying Gloves

These specially designed gloves help hair dry faster due to fibers made from Pile-dry technology that are said to stimulate softness and fullness in addition to sopping up moisture. ($14.99,

• Tangle Teezer

This ergonomic, handheld hairbrush helps gently remove knots and can also tease hair to create volume when used at the roots. Try on wet or dry hair. ($9.39,

• Hot Tools Holster

Try hanging these silicon pouches over the edge of your sink or counter to prevent burned surfaces and free up your hands while styling. ($19.99 -29.99,

Beauty buys

• Makeup Eraser Cloths

Thet towels are made from special fibers that grab dirt, oil, and stubborn cosmetics using only water — no cleanser or soap needed! Re-usable and washable, they're great for travel and the environment. ($19.97,

• Beth Bender Eye Stencils

An easier way to get a perfect cat eye, Beth Bender's all-in-one stencil kits include reusable cut-outs to help you get even, fast results. ($22.99-$24.99,

• Giella's Cosmetic Color Matching

Giella Custom Blend Cosmetics can re-create your most coveted cosmetic products and match any discontinued makeup you may be missing. ($25-$28;

• Dior Airflash Spray Foundation

This foundation is packaged in an efficient, spray paint-style canister — just spritz, pat and go! The mist formula utilizes micro-diffusion technology so one sweep across your face is all you need. ($62,

• Cosmo Lay-n-Go cinch bags

A brilliant beauty bag idea: Keep your makeup flat on the mat while you’re using it, then cinch the whole thing into a tote-able bag when you're ready to go. ($29.95-34.95,

Body savers

• Dr Denesse Infused Self-Tanning Gloves

Tanning gloves for both face and body that are infused with advanced peptide technology to help firm skin and soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles. ($42;

• Baby Foot Peel

These gel-filled booties aim to bring dry, calloused feet back to a soft state. Simply secure a bootie around each foot, wait an hour for the gel to penetrate and wash it off. Within three to seven days, dead skin cells will start to peel, revealing softer, smoother skin. ($25,

• 6-in-1 Nail File

Revlon’s 6-in-1 file allows you to peel away a layer as it gets dull to reveal fresh surfaces for filing and smoothing. ($4.54,

• Str8nUp posture band

This band is designed to perfectly align your shoulders and keep you from slouching at home or while working at your desk. ($38,

• Towel Topper

These stretchy, elastic bands will help keep a wrapped towel in place. ($10;

Fashion finds

• Farr West

A one-stop shop for chic, demure slips, Farr West offers an array of beautiful hem options in a range of colors, styles and materials. They can help you add instant length to any outfit and expand your wardrobe possibilities. (, $28-$80)

• Workout Slippers

These uniquely shaped slimming slippers are said to gradually firm and tone your legs when worn daily around the house for at least three 15-minute increments. ($3.16;

• Cellfie Phone Case

These clever phone cases come complete with functional cross-body chains. The open-faced design offers immediate access to your screen so you can type and text without having to unhook the strap, which also helps give a better grip while snapping pics. The silicon soft cases are available for both iPhone and Android in a variety of colors. ($29.99,

• Key Socks

These no-show socks for flats/pants come with a large, keyhole-style opening across the top of the foot to offer a sock-less look. ($11.95,

• Lift Kits

Looking for a lift? Adjustable footwear insoles for men and women can add up to 1.25 inches to your height just by placing them inside your shoes. ($35 & up,

• Puppy Purse

Practical and adorable, the Puppy Purse harnesses your little buddy and allows you to carry a small dog with ease. The purse's straps also convert into a leash and the open design is said to keep your pooch cooler than traditional, closed carriers. Most importantly, the attention from passersby will be priceless. ($35.00 & up,

• W8Fit Workout Wear

Activewear line W8 Fit offers up stylish and practical gym clothes with discrete pockets designed for small weights. From yoga pants and capris to bras and tanks, each garment comes with up to 4 pockets, perfectly sized for W8 Fit's quarter or half-pound flat weights. ($52 & up,

For the little ones

•ShowNo Towels

One part towel, one part portable changing room, these kid-sized, plush cover-ups have slits in the top so little ones can have privacy and protection from the sun when changing out of swimsuits. ($19.99;

• Wubbanubs

You've probably seen these pacifiers attached to plush buddies everywhere, but Bobbie was the first to bring them onto daytime TV. (approximately $12.99; for retailers)

• Bebe Doos

Tiny headbands that come with perfectly primped pigtails that you can slip right on your tot ($19;

Solutions for anything and everything

• Laptop Suzi

This rotating stand lets you spin and angle your computer screen for easy content sharing with friends, classmates, or co-workers. ($29.95,

Blowfish Hangover Pills

• Want to cure a hangover? Try these FDA-regulated, over-the-counter tablets that contain a powerful dose of caffeine and aspirin to help fight a rough morning. ($11.99 & up;

• Hot Girl Pearls

These oversized necklaces and bracelets are filled with a gel that freezes so you can slip them around your neck to instantly chill-out. Use them on a hot day or to fend off hot flashes. ($45-$140,

• Blooms by Heinau

The flowers that never fade, these arrangements are meant to last for six months or longer by utilizing a special process where they absorb moisture from the air. ($9.95 & up,

Our resident Style Editor and author of The Power of Style, Bobbie Thomas shares the buzz about beauty, fashion, and more here on TODAY and at Consider her your go-to girlfriend, style MacGuyver, and wikipedia for women who you've seen in her underwear. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.