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Bobbie's Buzz: Active (and stylish) essentials

Looking for the perfect beach towel?  Wondering how to actually get yourself to the gym? TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas has some ideas.
/ Source: TODAY contributor

Looking for the perfect beach towel?  Wondering how to actually get yourself to the gym? TODAY style editor and's Bobbie Thomas has some ideas.Tricked-out towels
I fell in love with this concept the moment I heard about it! TowelMate towels come ready for fun at the beach, picnic or gym with a hidden pocket for your phone, sunglasses, wallet and more so you can get up, run around with the kids or take a stroll. Other available features include built-in pillow and dual-sided design with germ shield, so you can wipe your face and gym equipment without worry ($25-45, ).

Cardio commitment is a clever website where you commit to a certain number of workouts per week for a small sum of money. Once you check in at the gym, the money is yours. If you're a no show, the money you committed to goes to someone else who did make their workout. The cash amounts range from $0.50-$0.75 per workout, but studies show it's not what's earned that's the motivating factor; the simple thought of gaining or losing any cash is reason enough for most Gym-pact members to make their workout.The perfect pant
Last but not least, a pair of yoga pants for all those gals still in search of their "go-to" style. Athleta's Revelation capri and flare leg pant are made from unique, breathable Power Pilayo fabric, which stays in place comfortably without riding up. The contoured seaming through the stomach and hips are also a figure flattering feature, making them a favorite amongst women everywhere ($79-$98, )

Foldable footwear
Whether you're a hiker or a city dweller, Timberland's Radler Trail Camp shoes are a savvy, space-saving solution. The comfy and lightweight lace-up trekkers fold and zip down to half their size, making them the perfect, totable travel companion for tired feet, from the gym after work to a campsite in the mountains ($65, ).