Bobbie's Buzz: 4 problem-solving products

Want to prevent spills and get a good night's sleep? TODAY style editor and "The Power of Style" author Bobbie Thomas, highlights some clever concepts that will help you out at home.

Stop spilling with Dreamfarm's 'Spink.'

Stop spills
What peanut butter is to jelly, Kathie Lee is to Hoda, and coffee is to computers. While most of us don't whistle while we work, we do load up on caffeine or at least hydrate in some way to get a buzz. But if a knocked over Diet Coke has ever fried your hard drive, you may want to invest in Dreamfarm's 'Spink' over an AppleCare plan. The weighted cup holder suctions to a surface so you can keep your H20 or happy hour beverage close at hand without fear! Now that's drinking responsibly ($24.95,

Make less noise while washing your shoes with a shoe bag.

Secure and separate
Anyone who has attempted to toss shoes in the dryer can attest that it's a great way to wake up the neighborhood! And if you've ever tumble-dried anything with a drawstring or straps, you know it can be a hot mess. 

Thanks to Household Essentials' Sneaker Bag, there's now something on the market that will help remedy the situation. The mesh encasement can be mounted to the door of your front-loading washers and dryers, keeping shoes, lingerie, and more snug and silent ($7.44,

Cuddle in comfort with the Armadillow.

Sleep soundly
Now it's time for some pillow talk. The Armadillow pillow is great for side sleepers, but was designed specifically with cuddling in mind, and features ergonomic arm tunnels to maximize your spooning experience ($34.99, 

And while you may wash your pillowcase, you might want to consider what's lurking underneath it. Healthy Nights washable pillows can be machine washed in hot water to kill germs and bacteria living inside. Great news for anyone with allergies or looking for peace of mind ($13.99,