Bobbie's Buzz: 4 clever, on-the-go solutions to everyday problems 

TODAY style editor and author Bobbie Thomas shares quick and clever solutions to remembering a "to do" list, stopping a wobbly table and a nifty way to carry your lunch. 

Forget Me Not Notes
A to-do list is great and all, but it doesn't do much good if you leave it on your desk. Tote your notes with you and never forget to pick up the dry cleaning (or the kids) again thanks to Post-it's new Reminder Tags, which can be attached to purse straps, key chains, door handles and more. The tags are part of Post-it's new Home Collection which features other smart stickies like calendars, press-on wall pockets and mountable notepads ($3.99-$14.99 from the Container Store).


Stop the Wobble
How often has this happened to you? You sit down for lunch at a restaurant, only for the whole experience to be ruined by a wobbly table. Finally there's solution for this irritating problem: the WonKey. Slip the small, wedge-shaped piece of rubber on your key chain. You'll then be prepared to stop any wobbly table in its tracks ($8.00 from Thabto).

The Lunch Clutch
Ditch the brown bag, there's a new kid on the block! Compleat's Foodskins are touted as the world's most flexible lunchbox. Simply place your sandwich, pizza, bagel or leftovers onto the flat, tray-style bottom, and then seal it shut by stretching the silicon cover over the top. The best part is that when you're done, you don't have a cumbersome piece of plastic to lug around; just a thin case ($23.70 from Unikia).


Mini Moisturizer To-Go
Last but not least, a solution for those who love Vaseline but don't love the typically large containers. The brand has added a new mini-sized, rose-tinted Lip Therapy to their collection, ideal for popping in your purse or pocket. You can also find teeny tubs available in original and cocoa butter formulas ($2.29 from Walgreens Stores).

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