Bobbie's Buzz: 3 inexpensive organizing hacks

TODAY style editor and author Bobbie Thomas highlights a few savvy yet simple strategies that help streamline, problem solve and make life easier. Just in time for a fresh start this spring, here are some clever ideas to live a more efficient life. 

Color code your keys

Do all of the keys on your key ring look the same? And do you have too many bottles of old nail polish hanging around? If so, why not color code those keys with that old nail polish? This project has become popular across Pinterest and the blogosphere with DIY’ers proudly posting pictures of the pretty and helpful hack.

Keep cords in check

If you hate leaving your phone on the floor while it charges, and there’s no furniture nearby, consider re-purposing a used plastic bottle into a handy wall pocket. Large lotion bottles work well for this. Simply cut off the container's front side from of the upper half, then snip a small hole in the back upper half that remains. Then plug your device in through the hole and — voila — the cord keeper will hang itself! 

Add it to your tab 

For those struggling with cramped closets, relief can be found in the form of soda tabs. Yes, soda tabs! Simply slip the small metal piece onto the neck of a hanger, instantly providing you with a second slot to hang another. Online fans of the project say you can almost double your storage space this way.

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