Bobbie's Buzz: 3 fashion DIYs to add flair your wardrobe

No need to spend big bucks for a runway-worthy wardrobe! TODAY style editor and's Bobbie Thomas shares quick, inexpensive fashion projects anyone — yes, anyone —can do.

Make it metallic

Adding luxe metallic foil to accessories is not only a great way to give them a modern update, but also a great way to cover up scuffs and stains. The easy-to-use material can be applied to canvas totes, espadrille shoes, woven belts, knit tops and more. Just apply foil adhesive (found at craft stores) to wherever you want the shimmer to show up. Let the glue dry until it's tacky to the touch. Then press on the foil transfer paper (metallic side up) and peel off. For more detailed instructions, check out my in-depth tutorial here.

Tack on some trim

Embellished jackets and cardigans can be pricey to purchase in stores, but there's an amazing no-sew solution you can do at home. To add some flair to your favorite wrap, tunic, or cardigan, simply tack on a few dollars worth of fringe, lace or other intricate trimming. Here's how to do it: Stick adhesive-backed Velcro on along the inside edge of your garment's sleeve or hemline. Then press the trim right on to the Velcro. Check out (or the store if you're in New York City) to get inspired.

Cinch it with string

Did you know that you can shift the shape of a top, skirt or dress with just a piece of string? If you don't already have a soft, basic silhouette in your closet, you can scoop one up at TJ Maxx or Marshalls, two of my favorite places for scoring bargains. To temporarily turn your garment into a chic, draped design, poke two teeny holes into one of the side seems. Run string or thread through the holes, pull tight and tie it off for a ruched, asymmetrical look. You can remove the string after to return the dress to its original form. Zero dollars and zero commitment!

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