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/ Source: TODAY
By Jordan Muto

TODAY style editor and professional girlfriend, Bobbie Thomas, is one busy lady these days. Between being a mom to her newborn son Miles and making sure we're up-to-date on the hottest trends with Bobbie's Buzz, it's hard to imagine she has time for much else — but somehow she does!

For her latest project, Thomas teamed up with her best friend, Andrea DeVos Abraham, to launch their very own beauty line called Woosh, sold on starting October 29.

Thomas said she and Abraham would sit around talking about everything from bikini waxes to makeup tricks over the years. And after doing some 500 segments over the last 10 years for TODAY, she's tested plenty of products. While the duo both agree that there are so many great and innovative ideas on the market, Thomas found herself craving simplicity when it came to her daily makeup routine. Abraham was quick to say, "Why can't we do that?" and the rest is history.

"There are lots of great options out there that I love, but I wanted to bring things to the market that didn't exist. I wanted to fill a hole that I saw missing," Thomas told

So lots of late nights and working weekends later, Thomas and Abraham's hard work has paid off. Woosh is finally here!

"This is baby number two and baby number two has been in the works longer than baby number one, probably," Thomas said.

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Frustrated by spending most of her time looking for products rather than actually putting them on, Thomas decided to take a stab at streamlining this process not only for herself, but for women around the world. Her efforts have paid off with the creation of the "fold out face," which just happens to be one of Hoda's favorite things, as she shared on TODAY Monday.

Woosh Beauty

But what makes the "fold out face" so great? Probably the fact that it puts your entire makeup routine into one easy palette. Yes, you read that correctly! It includes four eye shadows, two concealers, two blushes, two blending powders and a finishing shimmer all in one package for $79.95. The palette comes in five different shades, so it can fit your needs no matter your skin tone.

Thomas is also helping with the application process. After years of being asked for her expert makeup tips (in case you didn't know, Thomas always does her own makeup on TODAY), she decided to spill her secrets with step-by-step instructions in the palette.

"I wanted to take the guess work and intimidation out of makeup. It really needs to work for you." Thomas said, adding that she can do her makeup in five minutes flat if she has the right products in front of her.

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She's also created a brush set that includes what she considers necessary for every girl's makeup bag. The best part is, every tool works double duty with a dual-ended design.

Bobbie Thomas

And she hasn't forgotten about lips and eyes, either. Her spin on lip gloss includes a patented spinning applicator to give even coverage and comes in gorgeous nude hues to fit any occasion. For lashes, her flex-and-curl mascara includes a 2-in-1 wand and her lash shield means no more mascara smudges ever again!

Woosh Beauty
Woosh Beauty

However, Thomas' most innovative idea just might be the mobile makeup system for $69.95. It's a makeup bag designed to look like a cross-body handbag, but it does so much more. You can store a "fold out face" palette, brush kit, light-up mirror, lip gloss and mascara all in one. Basically, you'll be able to put makeup on from just about anywhere.

As Thomas so perfectly puts it, bathroom and beauty are two words that shouldn't be associated with each other, but somehow are. Well, after years of driving her husband crazy with her make-shift vanity, Thomas can do her makeup and pack it all away in seconds.

Woosh Beauty
Woosh Beauty

Bobbie's hope with Woosh is that women will feel empowered with their makeup and leave the house feeling fabulous each and every day since the process of getting glam is made so easy.

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