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Here's how to perfect your eye makeup this New Year's Eve

Have big New Year's Eve plans but no plan for your makeup? Change that.
/ Source: TODAY

Have big New Year's Eve plans but no plan for your makeup? TODAY Style Editor Bobbie Thomas shared tips Thursday morning for primping and perfecting eye makeup this New Year's Eve.

#1: Prep & Prime

Concealer is a staple in almost every woman's beauty bag, but when it settles into fine lines and wrinkles, it can be annoying.

Osmosis offers up a two-in-one "Age-Defying" treatment that has a moisturizing stick on one end to plump up, hydrate, and smooth the areas around the eyes, while the other end contains concealer formulated to glide over and cover dark circles & blemishes ($33,

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Any good New Year's Eve party lasts well after midnight, and you want your eye makeup to stick around until then. Eyelid primers are designed to help with just that: Apply before shadow, liner and glitter, and the primer will help set it and keep it in place.

Urban Decay's primers are beloved by beauty buffs for their range of options, from formulas with anti-aging benefits to shades with different levels of sheen ($12-$29).

#2: Boost Your Brows


You've heard it before, and I'm here to say it again: Well-shaped eyebrows are the key to a fresh face and pretty, wide-open eyes.

Eyeko's Brow Boost can provide some help if your arches are sparse, filling in with naturalistic color, volume, and texture — an upgrade from the look of flat, penciled-on brows.

Chosunga 22's Brow Makers are also a cult favorite from overseas thanks to a waterproof, long-lasting formula and a unique, two-in-one applicator that includes both a brush and a sponge tip.

#3: Refine or Remove


Last but not least, New Year's Eve is great time to try a new trend. Whether you're aiming to achieve a flawless cat-eye or are experimenting with a glittery look, it may be a good idea to keep some smart, makeup-removing solutions on hand

A pro tip: Resist the urge to wipe smudges with your fingers, as you can often make the mistake worse).

Almay's Oil Free Makeup Easing Sticks are an easier option; they look like small cotton swabs, but are pre-soaked in a gentle formula that will allow you to quickly and accurately fix errors.

Our resident style editor and author of "The Power of Style," Bobbie Thomas shares the buzz about beauty, fashion and more here on TODAY and at Follow her on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.