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Bobbie’s buzz: Get organized with these stylish buys

Has your wallet become a catchall carryall that leaves you fumbling at cash registers time and again? TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas has some great buys to help you sort and find your stuff.
/ Source: TODAY contributor

An overstuffed wallet is not necessarily a bad thing if it's overflowing with green. However, if yours has become a catchall carryall that leaves you fumbling at the register with an irritated checkout line behind you — here are some smart solutions. 

A place for everything and everything in its place
Sondra Roberts’ chic and sleek four-tier Envelope wallet will keep your receipts, coupons and business cards organized in a snap, literally. Available in a variety of colors and textures. ($25;

Buttoned Up’s Gift Card Log is the perfect purse companion to help you keep track of all of your gift-card credits. Simply insert your card or refund receipt into the plastic sleeve, and record the amount and expiration date below. With 30 slots to fill, the log is still small enough to slip discreetly into your bag and keep you organized on the go. ($11.95;

Designed by a busy mom who needed a better way to organize her life, the Card Cubby is a mini alphabetized card file used to sort your frequent-buyer cards, frequent-flier cards and more. No more dumping the stack onto a counter in front of your friendly customer service representative. ($19.99-$24.95; )

And for all that stuff rattling around your bag with nowhere to go, Knock Knock’s Receiptables aim to provide a home for your money, errands lists and all the other junk you know you'll need someday. ($13;