Bobbie’s buzz: The best of summer eyewear

How can you best accessorize your face this season? TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas shares affordable and fun eyewear for all:Rainbow of readers
Perfect for anyone who seems to always be looking for lost glasses, Joy Mangano’s Color Block Collection offers a wardrobe of bright, stylish readers. Leave a pair in your purse, car, desk drawer, and still have a few to share with your partner who seems to always “borrow” them ($39.95,

Eyeglasses that glowLet there be light! If you’ve ever struggled to read a menu in a dimly lit restaurant, you’ll be thrilled to know about EyeBeamers, reading glasses with discreet built-in LED lights. The chic styles come in a variety of prescription strengths, cost less than $20 and will save you from countless frustrating moments ($19.95;

Cat-eye shaped shades
Those on the hunt for a hot pair of sunglasses may want to consider the feline-inspired craze. Cat-eye shades offer both an instant face-lift and fashion-forward update. Modern oversize versions are softer than the extreme retro styles from decades past. From basic black to clear and cherry red, just pick a pair that matches your personality ($16-$55;

Foldable fun
Burberry’s colorful new convertible collection serves up a convenient way to store your sunnies. The bright and bendable accents are sure to fit into the smallest summer bags. If space isn’t an issue, their classic oversize options are worth the room ($190-$250,