Bobbie’s buzz: Best beauty products for the boys

New year, new him! Manscaping has gone mainstream, and he now has products and packaging to be proud of. From “man” brands to drugstore deals, here are some great buys for guys:

Man brands
While we ladies are overloaded with options when it comes to skin care and beauty maintenance, great grooming items for guys have historically been harder to find. Fortunately, there are now brands that specifically cater to his every cosmetic need. The company Evolution Man offers products ranging from softening shaving cream to revitalizing eye gel to their “Conceal and Treat” stick that helps cover and heal embarrassing blemishes or razor rash ($10-$49.95; ). Hey Dude Skin Care is another line specially formulated for him. Their Nary Hairy cream, intended for men looking to shave less often, claims to decrease hair length, reduce density and slow growth — all while moisturizing and protecting the skin ($32.50; ).

Last but not least, for the 85 percent of men of color who use products daily to combat conditions resulting from coarse, curly facial hair, Barc Skincare has developed Bump Down lotion. It exfoliates and moisturizes the skin after shaving to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs ($22; ).

Drugstore deals
Aside from these manly brands, soon your guy may need his own aisle at the drugstore, with many mainstream beauty brands looking to help him out. L’Oreal Men’s Expert Hydra-Energetic Ice Cold Eye Roller is great for the night owl, fighting dark circles and puffiness to leave him looking refreshed ($10.99; ), while Bald Guyz’s moisture gel caters to those with no hair up there, soothing any dry skin or irritation on the face and scalp ($5.99; ). And for any man who is hesitant to pamper himself with products, Anthony For Men’s Good to Go Travel Kit is a great starter set, with sample sizes of everything from face wash to lip balm to hand cream, so he can ease into good grooming habits ($20; ).